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Know the terms used in carding



AVS (Address Verification System à The system that checks the billing address entered against the one recorded in the Company’s data.

BIN (Bank Identification number) à the very important first 6 digits of a card number.

BTC (Bitcoin) à Digital currency used in the digital world to buy anything. It can be used when you exchange your local currency with Bitcoin or any crypto.

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CCN (Credit Card Number) à the digits on the card

CVV/CVV2 (Credit Verification value/ Card Security Code) à the three or four digit number located on the back of the card used for verification purposes. It is three digits for MasterCard and Visa and 4 digits for American Express card.

Drop à A place where carded goods are delivered, never your place or your close ones. It can also refer to the inside man who receive logistics and occupationally gives your share of the earnings.

SSN (Social Security Number) à an information belonging to a card holder which can be used to bypass security measures.

Card Printer à Card information printing device.

Chargeback à when the issuing bank voids any removal of money from its card.

COB (Change of Billing) à always necessary to match shipping and billing info and can be done by some CVV sellers.

CR-80 à A piece of pure white plastic which is rectangular in shape, the size of a Best CC Shop.

Dump à The information embedded in the magnetic strip on the back of the card. This information can be gotten with a skimmer.

Embosser à The raised lettering on a CC is done by this device.

Encoder à device for read/writing the magnetic track of the card

MCSC (MasterCard Secure Code) à Security system initiated by MasterCard which requires extra verification process it could be a password, SSN or MMN.

MMN (Mother Maiden Name) à a security question that could come in handy when bypassing security systems on cards.

MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader/Writer) àit is generally used for writing cards.

Novs (Novelty or Fake IDs) à these are commonly used for signing drops, store pickups, WU drops, Bank drops etc.

Pigeon (hen) à a card holographic gluing with the image of the flying pigeon (VISA)

Reader à this device reads the information from the magnetic strip of a card.

Skimmer à attached to an ATM where it swipes off information from cards.

Track à a part of the dump wherein lies specific information. The first track contains information about the owner of the card; the second track is information about the owner of the card and the bank that issued the card. The third is used by stores in collating points.

VBV (Verified by Visa) à an additional security procedure added by Visa, much like the MCSC which was MasterCard reply to the VBV.

VPN (virtual private network) à this is used for changing your IP to the location of the VPN server. Unlike socks, it is used as an application. VPN will leak your DNS info hence it’s not safe.








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